Новые прошивки pocketbook 301

новые прошивки pocketbook 301

The company was founded in 2007 in ,. February 2011 PocketBook launches the world's first e-book readers with a smartphone set of wireless interfaces Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G — PocketBook Pro 603 and 903. February 2012 Market launch of PocketBook A 7" — a multimedia e-book reader that runs Android 2. The model became the top-selling device in Russia the total volume of sold devices exceeded 100,000 according to 2009-2010 results. October 2011 Market launch of PocketBook A10 — a tablet computer running Android 2. Industry Founded 2007 Headquarters , Products , multimedia readers and tablet computers Revenue 151 million 2010 Number of employees 230 July 2013 Website PocketBook is a which produces based on technology an technology , as well as multimedia readers and tablet computers, under the PocketBook brand. Text is available under the ; additional terms may apply.новые прошивки pocketbook 301 Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the , a non-profit organization. December 2011 Market launch of PocketBook Basic — an e-book reader which became one of the top ten best-selling and most recommended eReaders in the French retail chain Pixmania following the results of 2011. March 2009 PocketBook 302 Cookie — the world's first e-reader supporting Bluetooth wireless data transfer protocol. September 2011 Production of PocketBook devices starts at the specially designated production line at a Foxconn factory.

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The model became the top-selling device in Russia the total volume of sold devices exceeded 100,000 according to 2009-2010 results. InkPad PocketBook InkPad - 8-inch premium E Ink e-reader with LED frontlight for the most comfortable reading day and night long. November 2010 PocketBook IQ 701 — a multimedia e-book reader running the Android operating system.

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